Most teams don't have a lot of experience working in a distributed fashion. When someone has an event requiring them to work from home, trying to integrate them can feel clunky. It's hard to tell if they are "there". As the remote worker, you might feel ignored.

With more teams working in a distributed fashion, we need some proven patterns. This course equips you with the tools and methods to work productively in a team environment. Especially when every person is in a different physical space.

Clear Measure knows how to integrate a team so that the needed outcomes happen at the pace they need to happen with the right level of quality. The Clear Measure Team has been a 100% distributed software architecture company for quite a while and we know how to empower each person with a productive personal environment.

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Setup to Manage Remotely with Success

If you are used to working in the same room or same building with your development team, working remotely might be a shock. If you don't have the right methods in place, productivity can suffer. In this webinar, Clear Measure Chief Architect, Jeffrey Palermo, shares the patterns and tools that can formulate a high-performance DevOps environment for remote software development teams....[ACCESS HERE]

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Working Remotely. Set it up Right.

Our setup tips can get your teams off to great start from the beginning.   When prioritizing the hardware to put in place for your team working remotely, it is critical that video communication is enabled as effectively as possible.... See more

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Make Video Conferencing THE RULE

For a remote team, video communication is a must. When you have to be apart from your team members, video conferencing is much more engaging than phone calls. It’s like being in the same room....But how do you do it well?....  See more 

Introducing your Instructor...

Jeffrey Palermo.

In addition to being CEO at Clear Measure, Jeffrey, a Microsoft MVP, is also the founder of the Azure DevOps Podcast and the Azure DevOps User Group. Previously he was a founding board member of Agile Austin, the founder of AzureAustin, and a leader in the Austin .NET User Group.

Jeffrey is a well-known author and international public speaker. He has received 13 Most Valuable Professional awards from Microsoft and has spoken at industry conferences such as Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Build, DevTeach, VSLive and various other regional conferences. Jeffrey has other books in the ASP.NET MVC in Action series as well as two video books on ASP.NET MVC and nearly a dozen magazine articles on various .NET development topics.